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In our Cattle raising Program you will own the Calf and just provide for board on a monthly bases. We are committed to raise your animal to a finished pasture raised finished beef. The benefit for you is to get a high quality beef for up to 40% less of the cost compared to the Store provided feedlot raised meat.

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A Market Steer on average weights 1400 lbs. average yield of 65% or more is desired. Ideally an this results in approximately 650 lbs of take home beef. If you were to buy this beef from a grocery store at these prices it would cost roughly $7.800. 

You can save up to $3.000 instead of buying it at a grocery store and know that it is locally home grown. We are flexible in regards to your preferences of Beef Breeds to finishing and cutting and wrapping. We are raising your animal for you, your family or you and your friends.

Pending on the age and size of the animal you are going to start out we are feeding them for a monthly fee until you decide to get them Processed.

We also have contacts for Cutting and wrapping available.

please note: These prices, weights, and averages may vary due to market fluctuations, weather conditions and possible even the breed of an animal can largely influence frame size and cut ability.

Our team is happy to deliver Province wide.


Fresh Farm Eggs

We’re proud to offer our customers  Fresh Farm Eggs.  You should know that everything we grow and raise is all natural and we want to provide you with the highest quality

Order any of our products today and bring the freshness of right to your home.

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